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Thomas Wilmouth

With short notice, Scott and his team came to my home, put a house full of items in various and organized lots, conducted an on-line auction that sold 99% of the items in my home I wanted sold, and netted me a gain I could never have imagined.  All the while, he and his crew were honest, informative, professional, patient, kind, and fun.  I could not recommend Hueckman Auction more positively.

Can an Auctioneer/Seller Deny Someone From Attending Their Auction?

Can an Auctioneer/Seller Deny Someone From Attending Their Auction?

You’ve probably heard tales of those who were refused entry into a live auction-it can happen! But wait–is this story really true? Or is it simply hearsay and some guy had bad luck on his day off? Curious minds want to know so read onward to find out if an auctioneer or seller can deny someone from attending their auction.

Yes, an auctioneer or seller may deny someone from attending their auction for a number of reasons. For instance, if an individual is disruptive or has been banned from auctions in the past, then the person will not be permitted to attend. The right to deny entry is often given to the seller and/or auctioneer if both parties agree.

So, what’s the point of keeping people out of an auction? Isn’t it better to have as many potential buyers in attendance who might be interested in bidding on a certain item?

But there is one problem: if the person who wishes to go doesn’t have any intention of helping out with maximizing profit, then they really shouldn’t attend. If someone wants to be a part of an auction but isn’t willing or able to help maximize sales by either discouraging others from bidding, causing a distraction-commotion or otherwise deterring attendance and/or participation then they’re best off staying away.

Auction in Paper

Reasons an Auctioneer or Seller may deny someone from attending their auction

There are many reasons someone may not be allowed to attend an auction. For example, a participant:

  • Falsely spreading bad information about a property to discourage other people from buying it.
  • Talks about other auctions — in order to direct bidders to other auctions and encourage them to bid at those instead of the auction we’re talking about.
  • By yelling, talking loudly, or making disruptive noises, you may be drawing too much attention to yourself and away from the auction. This could be similar to shouting “fire” in a theater.
  • Belittling the auctioneer or seller, as it will cause other bidders to think twice about attending or bidding. For example, saying stuff like “You know this auctioneer always misrepresents stuff here …”

You might hear people say that as a public event, anyone is entitled to attend. In reality, the auctioneer/seller can dictate who qualifies based on requirements like entry fees or proof of funds.

Auctioneers are told never to discriminate against anyone based on race, color or ancestry. This is a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and will be punished with fines if it happens.

To make sure that the bidding process flows smoothly, it is important to set requirements upfront. This way no one gets left out or has to guess what they need in order to be able to participate properly at an auction. Furthermore and so as not cause any issues with a seller’s position being threatened during such events, we recommend that some decisions are made beforehand for those who may have questions arise about their participation but can’t ask before getting there because of other obligations prior to the start of the auction.

The final step in the auction process is to document and retain any denials, in order for them not to be lost should a dispute arise. In this way, evidence would help win over those who are rejected from bidding due to their failure on these criteria.


So to answer the question if an auctioneer/seller deny someone from attending their auction? Yes, they can! In a number of cases the decision to give entry into an event is up to them. For instance, if you’re being disruptive or have been banned in the past then it’s highly likely that your bid for entrance will be denied and no one should blame these folks because this right has often been given by both parties – especially sellers who want some peace during the process.

D&D Phillips – Park Falls, WI

Choosing Hueckman Auction to handle an estate sale was a great choice on our part. The task was overwhelming to us, a home of 60 years with literally thousands of items. The Hueckman Team quickly and efficiently processed the items, then professionaly executed a 2 day sale that sold 80% of the items. Superb effort and results.

Difference Between Online Auctions and Live Auctions

There is no greater thrill than bidding at an auction either online or offline. Of course, for some potential buyers, the idea of having to fight to buy something is unappealing. Auctions and bidding at an auction can also feel like a hassle to some. Then, of course, some people just don’t understand how auctions work. The purpose of this short guide is to give you a general overview of the many auctions out there and how to use them.

Online Auctions

Online Auctions

First is online auctions. When you think of online auctions, eBay comes to mind. eBay isn’t the only platform that has online auctions. There are many different auctioneers out there that have online auctions. Many of them use platforms like Hibid or Proxibid to host their auctions.

Online Auctions offer a simple system where you can place a bid that is higher than the previous one. These are much like a real auction as we will discuss below. For those not wanting to spend hours in front of their computer, they also offer a maximum bid feature. This is where you place the highest bid you will go. The system will automatically raise your bid if someone else bids. This does not mean that you will have to pay your max bid though.

Can you bid against yourself on an online auction? No. Placing in a new bid will either increase the maximum bidding or it will increase your current bid. Whoever has the highest bid by the end of the auction wins the item.

Live Auctions

Live Auctions

Live auctions have some similarities to online auctions. You are required to register for any live auction you attend and will typically be given a number on a sign.

Depending on the location, there will either be a seat provided or you will need to bring your own chairs. You should pick your seat as soon as possible to ensure you can see and hear the auctions. You are able to view the items before the auction starts to make sure they are in the condition that you want.

Bidding at a live auction is much more competitive. The auctioneer will list a price and to bid you raise your sign with the number. If no one else raises their sign before the auction says sold, you will win the item. Because of the fast-pace of the auctions, being able to listen and raise your sign as fast as possible is a must.

Live Auctions

Much like online auctions, you can’t bid against yourself when you are in the lead. However, there is an exception to this rule. Sometimes, couples will both have the same number to bid with. If the couples aren’t together and don’t realize the other one is bidding on the item, the auctioneer may call both bids. This isn’t done on purpose. If the auctioneer knows the couple or sees the numbers are the same, he won’t take both bids.

As seen, bidding at auctions no matter if online or offline is a simple task. Some people might like online auctions more for the ease-of-use. Others may prefer the live auctions for the atmosphere and the people they get to meet. Regardless of which you prefer, bidding at an auction can be a fun way to spruce up your next buying experience.

‎Stan Smith

Today we concluded our live auction with Scott and his staff and to say it was successful is an understatement. Scott and his entire crew were a blessing to work with. What a great bunch of people, kind, helpful, funny, and very professional. They moved 900 + lots of goods today in under 6 hours…! You won’t find a harder working group of people who truly care about you and your possessions. Thanks again, looking forward to working with you in the future…..Stan and Hannah.

Debe Lange

From beginning to end, Scott and his team are knowledgeable about their items and will do their best to make your visit productive. They’ll answer your questions, help with directions and instructions, and they’ll do it all with a smile. You’ll be glad you’ve met them and that you’ve done business with them.

Julie Olson

Scott and entire team are consummate professionals throughout the auction process- from initial contact exploring possible sales through the well-run auction and quick payment for our items. Wonderful experience that we’ve been through twice already and are considering using again.



Scott is WI state registered auctioneer #2369-052. He, along with wife Meredith, have owned and operated Tamarack Shack Antiques since 2005. Scott has a Bachelor of Science in business management with an emphasis in marketing from Finlandia University. He also has work experience in advertising (1 year), automobile sales (4 years), and auto service management (1 year).